Imagine Getting All Your Client's Tasks Done for $697/mo.

Delegate Unlimited Tech & Marketing Tasks Without the Headaches of Hiring. For you and your clients. No contract. Cancel any time.

Marketing Tasks

Development Tasks

Automation Tasks

Your Challenges

Using Gohighlevel to build & manage online marketing campaigns and testing everything to make sure it’s properly functioning, for your own business and for every SaaS customer - takes lots of time.

Our Solution

From simple tasks like manually installing a snapshot to sub-account or updating the workflows and any associated funnels, calendars, pipeline, trigger links, forms, survey...

To complex tasks like setting up every sub- account, integrating 3rd-party tools, or building new snapshots.

Your Challenges

Using Gohighlevel to build & manage online marketing campaigns and testing everything to make sure it’s properly functioning, for your own business and for every SaaS customer - takes lots of time.

Our Solution

From simple tasks like manually installing a snapshot to sub-account or updating the workflows and any associated funnels, calendars, pipeline, trigger links, forms, survey...

To complex tasks like setting up every sub- account, integrating 3rd-party tools, or building new snapshots.

Unlimited Marketing Tasks PLUS All-In-Access to Our Tools

NO More Hiring Headaches. NO More Growing Software Expenses.

Sell More to Generate Topline Recurring Revenue While Customers Stay Which Increases Bottom Line Profit.

❌ No Long Hiring Process

❌ No Disappearing Remote Workers

❌ No Dependency on Your Agency for Updates

❌ No Big Lump-sum Payment

❌ No Long-Term Commitment

❌ No Endless Waiting for a Response

✔️ Scalable Remote Workforce

✔️ Top 1% Specialists

✔️ You Own 100% of Everything We Do

✔️ Dedicated Project Manager

✔️ Daily Updates (Monday to Friday)

✔️ No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

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Imagine you didn't have to go through the pain of hiring someone? Imagine you could get a full team for less than the price you're probably paying for your full-time employee?

Starts at $497/mo

Add-on Services


Want your customers to fall in love with you? Then give them a 24/7 live chat!

We offer 24/7 live chat to our existing clients for $197/month as part of beta. This is 12 shared agents available in a 24/7 shift who uses the knowledgebase to answer Tier 1 questions. Once we built systems around it, we'll offer it publicly starting at $297/mo and add tier 2 questions that includes ticketing system with 24H SLA and video troubleshooting.

Start at $197/mo

What you get:

12 shared agents available in a 24/7 shift

Updated Knowledgebase (Internal Only)


Let our team of GHL specialists squeeze all the value from your Gohighlevel investment. Transparent, professional assistance!

We can help you set up:

Lead Magnet Funnel & Automation

Appointment Funnel & Automation

Webinar Funnel & Automation

Any type of Online Marketing Funnel & Automation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?

After you complete your purchase process, you will receive an onboarding email that will ask you for your general business information, your first task, and scheduling your onboarding call.

After we received your submission, we will set up your account in our project management tool. We'll show you around and help you get going.

Once your dashboard is set up, we will create a unique custom portal for your task requests, so they land immediately in your dashboard. We’ll prepare your task for the next shift even before your onboarding call. On the call, we'll learn more about your business and how we can best help you scale and take work off your plate.

What Is a Task?

A task is a single piece of work that you want to delegate. So a complete website redesign is NOT a task but a project. A task would be then, for example, ‘creating a new homepage’ or developing one page.

Here is a list of task examples you can delegate to us. If you can’t find anything on the list you need help with, feel free to ask in our live chat if you have any questions.

Automation & Tracking Tasks

Create and maintain integrations between Go High Level and other relevant systems, such as Zapier, to streamline processes

Build out marketing automations and sales pipelines
Setting up and running A/B tests

Setting up an email newsletter

Setting up drip campaigns

Set up conversion tracking

Creating goals and conversion funnels in Google Analytics

Creating custom Google Analytics reports

Development Tasks

Migration from other platforms

Develop and implement workflows and snapshots to improve efficiency and productivity

Create an entire marketing & sales funnels (any type of funnel!)

Building new funnel/website pages

Building Membership Sites

Website speed optimization

Optimizing image size

Connect website with other marketing tools

Setting up a payment provider

Hosting & domain setup

Adding or updating tracking pixels

Clean up your CRM & tagging

Marketing & Retention Tasks

Managing client's sub-accounts

Onboarding New Customers

Answering Tech Support Questions in Live Chat and or Email

Ensure all leads are properly qualified and followed up with (script & process should be provided)

Schedule appointments with potential clients (script & process should be provided)

Follow up with clients and ensure they attend their appointments (script & process should be provided)

Communicate effectively with clients to answer questions and provide information about you and your client's services (script & process should be provided)

Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of client interactions in CRM

What's NOT Included?

No Wordpress tasks

Custom or complex membership site work
Custom api programming

Any content related to Copywriting services

Any Design tasks

Daily calls

Building landing pages from design mockups that needs CSS

Custom plugin or theme development

Debugging the code of a plugin or theme

In-Depth debugging why something doesn't work (we are more an implement this for me, than a deep dive investigator of why doesn't this work service)

Search marketing/SEO services

IT related tasks

General VA or Administrative tasks like Transcription, Data Entry, Research etc..

PPC (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc..) advertising setup or management

Setting up, troubleshooting or optimizing plugins and platforms not listed on our Supported Platforms List

Please feel free to reach out and let us know what you are wanting to do.

We'll let you know 1 of 3 options...

1. Propose: We'll let you know that we can do this for an additional investment and explain how to get started.

2. Recommend: If we don't do it but know someone who does, we'll point you to the products or services that can help.

3. Assist: We'll let you know we can't help, but do our best to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, book a time with one of our strategists to discuss and they'll point you in the right direction or feel free to ask in our live chat if you have any questions.

What does “UNLIMITED” mean?

This means you can submit as many requests as you’d like with unlimited revisions for you and your clients. We’ll work on your projects every day until they're done. But you only have one active request in process at a time, the others will be queued and started in your order of preferences when the currently active request is completed and closed. This means that your SaaS customers should be informed.

If you want to add more active tasks, we can upgrade your subscription. It cost $150 per additional active task on top of your current plan.

Fair Usage Policy applies. If the Unlimited tasks is already taking full-time's worth (170H/mo), we'll let you know if you need to buy another Unli package.

How many tasks can you complete within one month?

That depends on the kind of tasks you request and how fast and detailed you are with your feedback. Customers who get the most of our service have a clear project plan and give detailed instructions to avoid revisions.

How do I request a task?

You will get a custom client portal that you can open in any browser or even download as a mobile app. That’s how we can communicate including submitting the form request. Your task will appear in your task dashboard and is ready to be picked up by our team.

Can I give you description of what I’m trying to accomplish without breaking down the task details?

Yes! We’ve done this work for years so to save your more time, include an audio and/or video (without using 3rd party platforms like Loom) of what you want to accomplish in the request form, and we’ll break it down into smaller tasks for you.

How do I approve the work and communicate with your team?

We manage all your tasks within our project management tool. Here we will update you about completed tasks and progress updates. In addition, our COO will communicate with you daily about your open tasks and reach out to you if something is still unclear.

What is the turnaround time for a complete website/funnel build?

As you probably know, there are no two websites alike. You can use a rule of thumb to estimate the turnaround time: 1-3 business days for the development per page. That means if you want to build a website with 10 pages, we will need around 20-30 business days for the development of all these pages. But every funnel/website is different, so keep in mind that we won’t guarantee any turnaround time!

In the past, we created websites in 2 weeks and also in 4 months.

It depends on a lot of factors like:

How many pages do you need?

How complex is your site?

Do you use stock photography or custom graphics?

Are specific features required?

Do we need to custom code certain sections?

How fast are you with your feedback?

What other platforms can you use?

If you offer Migration and Account setup as part of your offer, we can take this over as well. We have used almost every marketing automation and landing page builder out there. As long as we don’t need to build from scratch in those platforms and just migrate or integrate, we’re good. (It might take longer time though than the usual tasks). Ask the live chat agent on the list of our most used SaaS that our world-class specialists are using everyday for clients. They already figured the ins-and-out on how to maximize them.

Do you communicate with our clients?

No. We communicate with you or your team.

Do you work 24/7 for me?

No, we only work on business days during standard business hours. Our team is in Philippines, so you need to consider the time difference.

Standard hours are Monday to Friday between 1 pm through to 10 pm (the following day).

These cover the key times that most clients need us across multiple time zones for the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Saturday and Sunday's we aren't officially open. There are times that some of our teams have been known to jump in and help out on a weekend but it's not something you should expect.

You can send in your tasks 24x7 and we'll get them in our system. However your teams are 14 hours a day operation and not 24 hours a day. 24 hours a day is something we are constantly looking at and will likely work towards offering this in the future.

We are officially closed on the following days every year:

Christmas Eve - December 24

Chrismas Day - December 25

New Years Eve - December 31

New Years Day - January 1

Any other closures for holidays or other reasons you will be given prior notice via email. Otherwise, you can assume we are operating our standard hours.

Who owns the completed work?

You do! It's all done for you and owned by you.

Why are you so much faster and less expensive than my old agency?

It’s simple, we do one thing, but we do it well. We help you focus on selling SaaS while we implement SaaS for you and your customers. That’s why we can streamline our workflow. Full-service agencies usually don’t have the workforce (or nerves) for on-demand requests. They also have huge overhead costs because all their team members are local instead of overseas.

What is the difference between your service and hiring someone from Upwork?

It is pretty challenging to pick the right person on a marketplace of thousands of freelancers who tell you everything that you want to hear. You will never hear "No, sorry I can’t do that.” What most people don’t see is that great team members want a steady income, too, and don’t want to go into a price war for every new project. We hire only strongly vetted specialists and work with them long-term. In this way, you can get access to top 1% specialists, even when you just need them from time to time.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, you pay just a monthly flat rate for our service, excluding any software costs managed under your business, like page builders and other marketing tools.

Can I pay quarterly or annually for a discount?

Yes! You can get up to 2 months FREE depending on if you choose quarterly or annual. Ask us in the live chat to grab your savings.

Is there a contract?

Nope. No contracts to sign here. One of the biggest differences between us and other "older" options is we have zero contracts, and all of our plans are month-to-month. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

Is there a guarantee?

When you hire an employee, you will also not request a refund for the salary, right? Our team works hard to provide a lot of value to our clients, and we only want to work with people who appreciate hands-on service. However, we don’t keep you in a locked contract either; you can cancel anytime.

How do I cancel my account?

Just contact our COO and we will cancel your account.

Remote marketing & tech department at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost.

We help you grow your business without growing your team. Let our team of specialists take care of your to-do list so you can focus on growing your business.